Smaller Projects Smaller Projects Mini Deck This deck ends a project that started around the back of the house. 177332117 Pergola and Deck This project really adds a finishing touch to the back of the house. 177332118 Gate and Deck Nice combination that lets the home owner open up the house and let the dogs on the deck without them scratching the screen door to pieces. 177332119 Fencing Just a sample of privacy fencing. I also do paddock fencing, around the pool, and any type you need for your project. 177332120 Ramp Need a ramp? I can install a ramp for all your needs. 177332121 Weather Protection Just a little protection from the elements. A real nice combination project here. 177332122 Metal Works Nice variation here 177889479 Multiple Colors Mixing colors and material types here 177889480 Accents Lights come in many styles and add a really nice accent. 177889481 Lights Whether you chose hardwired lights or go Green, we can do it. 177889482 Accent Steps Again lights help here. Almost looks like drawers being opened. 177889483 Outdoor Cooking. Combination Pergola and fence for a cozy outdoor cooking. 201434574 Partial Shade Nice privacy Pergola. 201434575